Sittin’ in the Garden Eatin’ Worms

Just when I was finally starting to get my blogging groove back, my darn computer kicked the bucket (and took all of my freshly uploaded photos intended for new posts with it)! We’re working on getting that info off of the hard drive, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a photo that IRead more

Rainforest Flowers and Book Winner

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on the Hothouse Flowers review post. After using a random number generator to select a winner, the book goes to Jennywenny of Foray into Food. Jenny, if you can forward your mailing info to me at, I will pass it along to the people at TLC Book Tours,Read more

Poultry in Motion

I thought I’d share a couple of photos of the chicken tractor, which, thanks to a break in the weather, is finally finished. We made it out of scrap wood and cedar trim left over from the house construction, as well as bits of leftover fencing. If you’ve never heard the term “chicken tractor”, it’sRead more

Our First Loss

I had hoped to post an update on the garden tonight, but the day had other plans.  I went out to water the chickens this afternoon and noticed that one of our Speckled Sussex hens had something hanging out of her vent – a lot of something. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but IRead more

Bear With Me

Yay, I’m finally back online! A couple of days after my last post, the power cord for my laptop died, and it’s taken almost a month to get a replacement. I was able to use my iPod and my son’s computer to update my Facebook page occasionally, but Blogger didn’t agree with my son’s 10 yearRead more


Look what I discovered when I went into the coop this afternoon:     This has got to be the smallest egg I’ve ever seen, even smaller than the quail eggs we used to buy!  Its small stature is even more evident when you compare it to one of our regular sized eggs: Since we’re onRead more

Garden Prep

We spent the weekend getting the garden ready for planting, finishing the fence to keep the deer out, and marking and shoveling the soil into raised beds. The fence, awaiting a gate and a cable along the top. You can see that we finally managed to get the tilling done in spite of all ofRead more

Chicken First Aid

Poultry/Chicken first aid kit.

I had no idea when we first got our chickens how much veterinary work would be involved with caring for them. I’ve had pets my whole life, and it’s only on the very rare occasion that I’ve ever had to do any kind of doctoring. So far with my hens, I’ve had to deal withRead more

Are We All Just Desperate Housewives?

I read a very interesting article over at Howling Hill this morning, and had to share it with you here.  Accurate, or insulting?  I’d love to hear what you think! The Femivore’s Dilemma


I mentioned recently that the weather here has been unseasonably warm (the warmest January on record).  It has been so warm, in fact, that four of my hens decided it was spring and went broody at the end of December, and several others started moulting not long after.  Of course, I responded to my own instinctsRead more