First Fire

Well, I guess that’s it, summer’s over.  We hooked the wood stove up to the chimney today and enjoyed our first fire!
Those of you who have been around here for a while might recognize our lovely Jotul stove, which we were careful to remove from the old house before we listed it for sale last year (there was no way I was going to leave it behind!).

Of course, as soon as the fire really got going, the sun came out, and before too long we had all of the windows open to cool the house down.  The good news is, the smoke all went up the chimney where it belongs, so it passed the test run, and we can feel secure in the knowledge that we won’t freeze this winter!  
There’s been a lot going around here since we last spoke, so I’ll try to be better about posting.
Happy September!

17 thoughts on “First Fire”

  • Oh the heat of a fire can’t be beat. We have had a fire the last couple days. In fact we actually lit the stove a couple times in July it was so cold out. Of course like you we end up opening the windows. Today I made pickles and blanched beans and cooked supper on the wood stove. I also cleaned the stove this morning and we took down our pipe to check to see if it was at all plugged. It looked pretty good. I did a chicken coop building post today.

  • Great stove. We found a woodstove next to a pile of wood used for the construction of our house. It turns out it’s much more efficient than the one currently in the house (which is more antique-looking and was placed in the house to help sell the home as more charming) We’ve decided to put the old one in. I hope the landlords don’t mind.

  • Hi! Sorry I’ve been so lazy about blogging and responding to everyone’s comments. I’m really hoping to have a normal life again soon!

    Carla – The house is going well. I’ve been busy tiling bathrooms, and we’re hoping to get started on the hardwood floors soon. With all the work around here, and with the kids back at their “school” activities, I don’t seem to have much time for blogging lately. I’ll try to do an update in the near future!

  • My comment is really related to a post from two years ago, wherein you explained that I can use my KitchenAid to churn butter. Thanks. You saved me a chunk of money.

    Also, I just read through a bunch of old posts and added you to my blog reader, so now it might be nice if you started to post again . . .



  • Cheryl:
    So glad to see your house is up and running so well. Congratulations!
    Long time no chat for sure.
    I am here for a selfish reason and wondered if you would take a look at (Phelan—whom I believe you used to keep up with when we all had more time 😀 )
    I also posted about it on my blog but her’s tells the whole story. See December 8th and 9th posts please.

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