How is it already December??!!

This month seems to have snuck up on me. It feels like we’ve only just moved into our house, but we’ve been here for 5 1/2 months already! How can that be? I’m not even remotely ready for Christmas, and I see on my computer’s calendar that it’s two weeks away. Is this some kind of cruel joke?!

Things are going well around here, although it feels like everything is taking way longer than it should, because we seem to end up having to re-do everything at least once (more on that another time). Despite the problems, the house is coming together and the end is almost in sight (although I’m sure it’s still a year or more off!).

Aside from the house, we’ve met some wonderful people and are really enjoying being a part of this new community. There’s such a remarkable difference between small town life and city life – I know more people after 5 months here than I did after 12 years in town. The kids had no problem making friends, and I hear “I love living here” on a fairly regular basis.

We’re freaking out about money, as is everyone these days. We kept reassuring ourselves that if we blew the budget too badly while building, we could always just sell the house (not that we would ever want to!), but that doesn’t appear to be an option in the current market. So, our frugal-living skills are being put to the test. I’ve been taking lots of photos and formulating blog posts in my head, but with all that we’ve been doing lately I find that the last thing I want to do at the end of a long day is sit down and write about it. Hopefully inspiration will strike and I’ll return to regular posts in the not-too-distant future – we’ve got lots of catching up to do!

8 thoughts on “How is it already December??!!”

  • I love the entrance. Great to hear that your kids love being there. That always makes adjustments easier. I think we’re all worrying about money a little these days. Hopefully that too will pass.

  • I am always happy to see you visit because I know you have a new post up. I think when we take on projects we have an ideal time frame in mind and expect to hit it every time, but the reality is, the time frame is not reality. The same thing happens here because it seems we just need to take that out and replace this and then when we go to do it, there are trips to town because what is underneath is wrong and we can’t do that without doing this. It is quite frustrating and a reason there are so many unfinished projects around here. That and being frugal means we are retrofitting the odd thing and coming up with our own schemes to accomplish something we others spend money do accomplish.

    Anyway, good to see you are still around and glad the house is progressing. Have a great first Christmas in your new house.

  • So glad your new life on the homestead is going well – if a little bumpy along the way. As for money worries – I think that goes for most of us too so we can sympathise! At least you can be mostly self sufficient once the veggie patch is up and running.I look forward to hearing more about the house and garden and your new life. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas in your new home.
    Ruth – from England

  • Carla – Thanks, I love the entry too.
    You’re right, the kids being content definitely makes the transition a lot easier.

    Dawn – It’s reassuring to hear that we’re not the only ones who don’t meet our deadlines because of unexpected hiccups. Frustrating indeed!

    Ruth – I’m really hoping that next year’s garden will provide us with lots of homegrown food and maybe a little income. The soil needs a lot of work though!

    Sue – Thank you! It feels like we’re already filling it with happy memories.

    Steffi – Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family are doing well.

    Pipnmillycreations – My inlaws live in Ladysmith, and it sounds like you guys have already had a winter’s worth of snow over there!

  • Happy New Year,
    I’m glad that you are posting again. It’s a dream of ours to do exactly what you are doing … move out of the city and build in the country. We live in Colwood (greater Victoria) but are looking forward to moving more rural one day soon.

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