April’s Garden

I spent Easter morning poking around in the garden, taking a look at what’s been happening while we’ve been dealing with the inside of the house. Here’s what’s blooming at the moment:

Bleeding Hearts. Primroses.


Peach Tree.
Cherry Tree.

Pear Tree.

Everything is covered in blooms and I’m seriously wondering whether I can leave the garden behind. My darling husband and our realtor looked at me like I was deranged the other day when I told them I wanted to take the fruit trees with us when we go. I planted like we were going to be here forever, so it’s killing me to leave it the year that everything will finally start producing.

I’m taking the Lungwort with me though, just try and stop me.

11 thoughts on “April’s Garden”

  • I’d take the lungwort too. Make sure you “save” money to re plant new fruit trees right from the start though–this fall. That way it won’t seem like so long.
    By the way–I completely understand your heart break. Been there done that. Hate leaving my plants.

  • Cheryl, I have learned so much about your climate by reading your blog. Who knew?! Also, I would be right behind ya telling the realtor what I would be removing (plant life) from my home too! That made me smile. And your spring plant images are MAHVELOUS!

  • Beautiful picture. I’d have a hard time leaving all that too. The Bleeding Hearts reminds me of a charming story a little girl told me using Bleeding Hearts. Hmm…I’ll have to see if I can figure it out again.

  • I’m coming out of lurking mode to tell you yes, yes take all the plants you can before the house ever goes on the market. I left my last home an hour south of where I am now 2 1/2 years ago. I had been at that house seven years. There was almost no yard left. I had pretty much turned it all into beds. I had over 100 antique roses and a tree that can not be replaced. My realtor said sure go ahead and take all the plants you want. After an offer had been made and I had about a quarter of the plants I wanted to take the realtor said stop you can’t take anymore since they’ve seen them. Moral of the story, I’m still buying trees and plants to replace what I had to leave behind. Oh and joy of joys,I still have friends in the neighborhood so I have to see my babies in all their glory but now belonging to someone else. sad sad sad

  • I know exactly how you feel and it would be very difficult for me to leave my trees & flowers behind too! In fact, I’ve mentioned that very thing to my husband whenever we talk about moving. However, he is so encouraging and tells me that we would look for a place that already had established fruit trees. Although they wouldn’t be my own tress, it is some comfort when I think about it. πŸ™‚

    I enjoy your blog!!

  • I’ve got a whole list of plants I’m taking with me when we move. I’m not in they type of neighborhood where people take care of plants so I’m pretty sure anything I leave will be neglected. I say take whatever you can dig up!

  • Cheryl my heart turned over when I saw the beautiful pictures of your flowers. Here in Kansas City after waiting all winter for just a display in our gardens we had an early burst of warmth and showers that coaxted my yard full of perenials to start to grow and get ready to bloom…then frost and finally heavy freezes have killed most of them… Snow is expected Friday. the peach trees will not bare, grapes are lost, not sure about the apples or wheat.
    Thank you for sharing your little peace of heaven. I hope ours comes back next year. Take as many plants with you as you can!! Elaine

  • Monica – I guess it’s never easy to leave a garden behind, it’s such a labor of love. I will definitely be planting trees as soon as possible.

    Lu – I think a lot of people expect every place in Canada to be shrouded in a blanket of snow for most of the year! πŸ˜€
    I think Vancouver’s climate is perfect – never too hot, never too cold.

    Carla – Thanks, and I’d love to hear more about the story.

    Chelee – How much is that, exactly?! πŸ˜€

    Mona Vara – That must have been hearthbreaking for you! The house is already on the market, but luckily many things are not leafed out yet, so I can take them without them ever knowing they were there.
    I fully intend to come and check in on the garden occasionally too!

    Steffi – Thanks! We did have a very nice Easter.

    Debbie – That is a comforting thought. I do feel a little better when I remind myself about what we are moving to, trees or not.

    Christy – I’m already working out my plan of attack!

    Crunchy – There are many that can be divided, so you’re right, they’ll probably never know.

    Elaine – I’m so sorry to hear about the damage to your garden, I hope things recover, (if not for this year, then at least for next).

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