Being the good displaced Scots that they are (we’re descended from Fergusons on my grandfather’s side, and Wallaces on my grandmother’s side) my kids have a love affair with Scottish Bap buns. There’s a bakery here that makes exceptional whole wheat baps, but we go through them so fast that I thought it was time we found a recipe and started making them ourselves.

Baps are made from a milk based dough, so they’re very light and tender (and squishy). We love them with homemade Baked Apple Butter (below), cheese, honey, jam, or just plain butter.

Their distinctive characteristic is a liberal dusting of flour, making them look a little like a jelly doughnut. Here’s B. giving them their milk and flour facials.

And the final product! They’re not exactly like the ones we buy (ours probably have a higher percentage of whole wheat flour), but they’re pretty darn good!

3 thoughts on “Baps”

  • Are you willing to share the recipe? If not, I will be over shortly to sample. πŸ˜‰

    Those look very good. I have never made them myself. Do they freeze well?

  • Hi Phelan,
    Of course I’ll share! I haven’t totally refined the art of bap making, but this is what I did when I made them.
    I doubled the recipe to make about 16 buns, but used only 3 teaspoons of yeast, not 4. I also replaced half of the white flour with whole wheat (you may want to use less depending on your taste). I think using whole milk is important, especially as this particular recipe doesn’t call for butter (I actually even used a little half & half because I was low on milk).
    I couldn’t bring myself to poke a finger into them before baking though, so I’d love to hear how it works if you try it. The bakery that sells them here seems to pat the dough into a flattish rectangle and cut them into squares to shape them (baps aren’t supposed to be overly tall).
    I imagine they would freeze okay, but we eat them too quickly so I’ve never tried. I made these on Thursday though, and they still taste great on Sunday, so they keep pretty well.
    Good luck with them!
    Here’s the link:

  • “good luck with them” HA! I might need that, since I am Irish. But my husband is of Scottish decent, I’ll have him make them so I don’t blow it.

    Copied the recipe, I think I have all the ingredents. Let you know how mine turn out.


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