Chocolate Fix

I posted this recipe on my homelearning blog almost three years ago, but it’s still such a favorite of ours that I thought I would post it over here as well, especially as I’ve been intending to share low cost recipes. When trying to lower one’s food bill it’s critical to cut out non-essentials, butRead more

My Latest Favorite Cookbook and the Perfect Summer Potatoes

Well, there goes another month without a post! Oops. It’s no secret that I am a cookbook junkie, so I have no problem admitting that one of my favorite pastimes is spending hours pouring through the pages of a new cookbook, imagining how each dish will taste. Whenever I hear of a cookbook that soundsRead more

What A Sap

One of the first (and most drastic) food related price increases that I noticed over the past year or so was the cost of maple syrup. I found it hard to justify the high price of the real thing at the best of times, but when the price almost doubled last spring, there was noRead more

Appliance Overload

With our house progressing, we’re frantically trying to finalize things like appliances and finishing details because we know we’re not going to have time to do so once we’re in the middle of insulating, drywalling, and all that fun stuff. I’ve been scouring Craigslist looking for a good deal, but we haven’t really settled onRead more

Hollyhock Yeast Dressing

I’ve been talking about doing a post on my all time favorite salad dressing for a long time now – so long, in fact, that I took this photo in June of 2006 in preparation for it. I’ve been making a version of this salad for about 8 years. In the beginning, I used aRead more

Graham Crackers

I’ve been on the lookout for some good cracker recipes for years. My kids love snacking on crackers of all kinds, but the cost of supplying two good eaters with organic, unrefined munchies isn’t cheap, so I’ve been keen to make them myself. I got lucky several weeks ago when I scored a copy ofRead more

Grilled Eggplant

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about anything other than the house, so I’ll spare you my thoughts on exterior doors/house colours/trim size for at least a few days and post a recipe instead. I’ve been wanting to share this one for a while, and since we managed to produce two lovely eggplants in aRead more

Crop Failure

Our cooler than normal summer did nothing for our tomato crop, which struggled from the get go. The plants grew nice and tall and looked healthy enough, but they set very few fruits, and the ones that did develop just sat there not changing colour. Even the mature plant that my mom bought at theRead more

Unusual Market Finds

A farmer’s market is a great place to find unusual varieties of things that you’d never find in a typical grocery store, and this week I must have been in an adventurous mood, because I came home with several things that I’d never bought before. This Rock Melon (back) caught my eye because it wasRead more

Mid Month Check-Up

I’m finding my garden posts from last year to be very useful as a gardening journal, so for future reference, here’s where things stand in the middle of August. This incredibly robust pumpkin plant just appeared near the compost bin. We have no idea what variety it is, but it’s growing so fast you canRead more