Date Squares, A Love Story

Matrimonial Cake, also known as Date Squares/Bars - a family favorite, made vegan!

I acquired my love of cooking from my mom, who grew up on a remote homestead in the Peace River valley. The oldest girl of 6 kids, she was expected to pitch in as soon as she was able, so cooking was something she picked up early on. Matrimonial Cake, a staple dessert of ruralRead more

Cookbook Spotlight – Scots Cooking

I recently took this book out of the library in my ongoing search for the perfect bap recipe. I have a real hunger for a connection with my ancestral roots, so a whole book of traditional Scottish recipes really appealed to me. I had a hard time finding anything to eat when I was isRead more

Cookbook Spotlight – The Rebar

My husband and I met almost 13 years ago while going to school at the University of Victoria. Well, not really – we’re actually from the same hometown, but we didn’t really know each other there, despite having several of the same friends. He even lived right behind one of my very best school chums.Read more