New Beginnings

So much for the one month hiatus that I talked about way back in September (which I only got around to mentioning to my Facebook friends, now that I think about it). I hope you had a great fall and are enjoying 2011 so far!

The break came about when I stepped in as temporary innkeeper at my mom’s B&B for a month while she and my step-dad traveled through Eastern Europe. It turned out to be a great experience, but the rigorous pace of cooking and cleaning left little time for things like blogging. In fact, I had such a good time getting to know the people who came to stay that we’re considering running a self-catered B&B in our suite instead of finding a full time tenant.

The break continued long after I came home partly because I got to thinking about the nature of blogging and what I get out of it. I started writing this blog as a kind of glorified “gratitude journal” written solely for myself, but it quickly became something that I really enjoyed doing, in large part due to the interactions with readers and other bloggers. But lately I’ve been wondering whether blogging is a legitimate outlet for aspiring writers, or if it’s merely a way for attention whores to pimp themselves out to the internet public. I’d like to think that that was never my motivation, but take those negative thoughts and combine them with a serious lack of the mental energy required for coherent writing (rare around here at the best of times), and you can see why I’ve been absent for so long.

This past year turned out to be one of self-reflection and redirection – isn’t that what one’s supposed to do when they turn 40? (Gawd, I’m such a cliche). What started out as an attempt to get a handle on some ongoing health issues resulted in a life-altering shift, during which I lost almost 50 pounds and rediscovered the vibrant person that I’d stuffed into a dark hole at some point during the past 15 – 20 years. The change was so gradual and (seemingly) effortless, that I’m still shocked when I think back to where I was a year ago. What the hell took me so long?

Long story short, I’ve been reveling in my new found energy and have been making an effort to say “yes” to things that I previously would have shied away from, which, while fun, has resulted in less time for sitting in front of the computer. I do think there’s still a place in my life for blogging, but have to figure out a way to fit it in on a regular basis.

I’ll leave you with this shot taken from Grouse mountain (one of our local ski hills), where I recently learned to snowboard alongside my husband and kids. Considering what an insanely beautiful place I live in, it’s hard to imagine ever having said “no” to taking it all in.

4 thoughts on “New Beginnings”

  • Congratulations are in order! Your successes this year have been inspiring, especially with my 40th coming up next. I'm looking forward to see what's to come. Yer DH

  • Glad to see you back! I hear you on pondering the reasons we have behind our blogging, and not wanting it to become too narcissistic. I can tell you that I personally get a great deal of inspiration from your blog. We seem to be on similar journeys in many ways so it has relevance for me. I always enjoy reading your posts, so banish any concerns about being self-indulgent!

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