Olympic Dreams

Wow, three months goes by really quickly!  I may not have posted for a while, but not due to a lack of things to talk about.

We’re having a lovely second winter here, although it has been a lot less snowy than last year was, we haven’t had anything but a tiny dusting.  Not exactly ideal weather, however, considering that we’re currently hosting the winter Olympics.  Whistler has been fine, but Cypress Mountain, which overlooks Vancouver, is covered in mud and is only able to look wintery on TV after weeks of transporting snow by truck and helicopter from snowier regions of the province.

There are many reasons for people to be unhappy about the fact that the Olympics are being held in our province (not the least of which is the huge debt we will be saddled with for years after they’re over), but now that they’re underway, we’re actually really excited about it and have been enjoying them immensely.  Our kids were so keen that they even agreed to get up at 5:30 in the morning in order to see the torch make its way through our little community a few days before the games began.

They weren’t the only ones – the street was lined with spectators eager to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Vancouver itself is absolutely buzzing with activity, I have never seen the city so alive for such an extended period of time. The kids are so caught up in the whole thing that they’re following every sport very closely and have hardly missed an event (okay, maybe it’s not just the kids).  My son has even decided that he’s going to take up snowboard cross and compete in the 2018 Olympics (guess we better start saving our pennies).

The arrival of the Olympics has also seen the opening of my mom and step-dad’s bed and breakfast.  After years of dreaming and working toward this goal, the Bee & Thistle Guest house has finally opened its doors and is welcoming guests from all over the world.  They’ve even hosted a former Olympian, who coincidentally played on the same Canadian hockey team as one of my former high school teachers – what a small world.

This new venture has inspired my mom to start her own blog.  She’s an amazing cook and photographer, so if you feel like drooling over some yummy looking food, check it out. She has also posted photos of their beautifully renovated heritage home, which some of you might recognize as the place we called home for a year while we were building our own house.  Keep them in mind if you’re ever planning a trip to Vancouver.

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