Garden Firsts

The smallest hint of a garden has begun popping up around the house, as the bulbs I planted a month or so ago have recently started to bloom.
These varieties will naturalize and spread, and should eventually blanket the hillside with blooms. It’s not much, but it’s a start!

13 thoughts on “Garden Firsts

  1. So beautiful. I look forward to seeing a couple nice signs of spring. We woke to 2 inches of snow this morning. It will go and lots has already, but it seems so slow in spring arriving this year.

  2. We’re fortunate enough to have wild crocus, snowdrops and bluebells growing on the banks and verges around our croft here in Scotland. It’s a lovely time of year, especially when it snows and the blooms poke up through the shallower drifts.

  3. wow–just stumbled onto your blog and feel like you must be my long-lost sister–building a house (we’re building on), a self-professed cookbook hoarder (i have that disease too) and someone who is trying to live a simpler life (i’m trying, but i’m not sure it’s working yet…) i hope you’ll be “back” and write some more posts again soon!

  4. Hello Again.

    I’m not sure that spring is ever going to come here this year. We still have snow forecasted for tomorrow.

    I hope you have much more up by now.

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