We’ve been slowly collecting things for the house, which means I finally had an excuse to browse through a shop which I’ve eyed longingly for years. This place is jammed with reclaimed doors, windows, and other salvaged treasures.

We didn’t find a salvaged door to fit our needs, but we have put an order in for one similar to the door on the far left, except the six panes of glass will be bevelled, and we’re adding some dentil molding under the windows. It’s a good thing we stopped here when we did – the owner is planning to retire and is selling off his entire inventory. I suspect I may just find a few more “necessities” before we’re through! Another great find was this butcher block/island that we bought on Craigslist.

It’s made of solid maple and is just the right size for our smallish kitchen. It should help create the “modern farmhouse” look we’re going for, and I can already envision the many loaves of bread that will be kneaded on that countertop!

Now if only I could get my hands on some great reclaimed light fixtures…

3 thoughts on “Gathering”

  • How very exciting. I love the stuff you showed. We have an old door with glass sitting up against a shed. I am going to put it on the chicken coop. I know it sounds terrible, but it will be on the south side on the end where the feed and donkey tack will be stored. One of the pains of glass is broken, so I have to fix it, and the paint is peeling so I have to scrape it. I will be doing a chicken coop post in a week or so.

    Our current house was built with recycled items, so we have some great tiffany type light fixtures.

    I love your island. My sisters have a free standing butcher block one also in their 1940’s kitchen.

    You are such a great shopper.

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