Soap Opera

I’m not one to sing the praises of a cleaning product. I don’t particularly enjoy doing housework, so as long as it’s done that’s usually good enough for me. But that all changed recently when I bought a package of Ecover dishwasher powder because the store was out of my usual (locally made, environmentally friendly) brand. I was totally surprised by how well it worked. I’ve always been pretty happy with how clean my usual brand got the dishes, but my old scratched glassware has never been this shiny.

Dare I say it? I love this stuff! How much of a loser am I?!
So why am I telling you this? Because I wanted you to know that if you were ever tempted to switch to an eco-friendly detergent but didn’t because you thought it wouldn’t work as well as what you’re using now, then this is the one for you. I will probably go back to my usual brand when this box runs out (you know, that whole “buy local” thing – Ecover is based in California), but I will have fond memories of these days filled with shiny glasses and sparkling flatware.

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  • I love the Ecover liquid dish detergent. It works as well as the non eco-friendly alternatives but the best thing about it is the bottle cap. I allows you to easily get one small drop of liquid if that’s all you want (for washing hands per example).

  • Cheryl
    I use their dish soap and love it—used it for years now. I have to go way out of my way to get it but I stock up on it when I do. Is it the super best? Maybe not the most concentrated but it doesn’t totally dry out my hands—and it gets my dishes clean AND it smells good and is better for the environment. What more could I ask for!

  • That’s great. I have never seen that product. Where do you get it? I am willing to try a different product, especially if someone else has had success with it.

  • I think Ecover is actually based in Belgium. They have a rocking environmental program….green roofs, zero emmisions etc. They make most of their North American products in California. I use quite a few of their products and just started using their toilet cleaner which has a nice pine/rosemary scent but don’t use to much or it will overwhelm your whole house! We can get Ecover products at our local supermarket and if you can’t ask your supermarket manager to get them in or other similar product if you want something more local:)

  • Malva – It’s nice to hear that their other products are just as good.

    Monica – Wow, two rave reviews for the liquid! If I didn’t already have a favorite I might have to switch!

    Dawn – Most natural food stores seem to carry it, but I’ve seen it in some regular grocery stores as well (do you have Save On out there?).

    Sarah – I think you’re right about them being based in Belgium.
    We’re lucky to have some good “green” cleaning products made nearby, but if we didn’t, I would definitely consider using Ecover more often, especially considering their great environmental practices (it might just offset the trip it would have to make to get here).
    The toilet cleaner sounds great, I love pine scented anything!

  • I love their liquid dish soap as well. It works great and smells awesome! What brand of local dishwasher detergent do you use? I wonder if I can get it out this way? I haven’t noticed it in Save-On (although I haven’t really been looking).

  • Jill – I thought I used to see Ecover products in the natural foods department at the Save-On in North Van, but I could be wrong, it’s been years since I’ve shopped there.
    I use EchoClean dish (and laundry) detergent, which is made by V.I.P (, a company in Mission. Their green apple scent is my favorite!

  • Jill – I just realized that I was still talking about dish liquid when I answered your question.
    In the dishwasher I use Nature Clean, which I see now is Canadian made, but not as local as I thought (I must have been thinking of the V.I.P.). Maybe now I can justify buying the Ecover, although I would still rather buy Canadian. Dilemma!

  • Even local dish soap?? That’s awesome. I’m heading to Whole Foods tomorrow and I’m going to look for the Ecover. Thanks for sharing – yet again!

  • I’ve seen the Nature Clean brand in Save On (I think I have some of their toilet bowl cleaner right now). I forgot they were Canadian. I’ll have to check out the VIP soap. I’m just 10 minutes from Mission, so that’s pretty darn local for me! LOL

    BTW, your blog has totally inspired me to go more local than I have been in the past. I’m keeping a better eye on where my food, espcially produce, is coming from when I’m ordering it.

  • That’s funny! My 27 year old son was singing the praises of a new dishwasher thingy!

    I’m here from Bestest and I wanted to invite you to participate in a new weekly meme I’m starting up! Details are in a sticky post right now. πŸ™‚

  • I bought some Ecover dishwashing soap today … and thought of you ;). It was the least expensive of the “organic” brands offered at my local grocery, and so I thought I’d give it a try ;). In addition, it came in a yummy chamomile scent. Can’t wait to try it ;).

  • Lu – I would think that Whole Foods would have it.

    Jill – You can’t get much more local than 10 minutes away!
    I’m glad that you’re inspired to buy local as much as possible, we’re lucky that we have so much available here.

    Carla – Aren’t they? Get out the sunglasses! ;D

  • Yay! Picked up the ECover dishwasher powder and (sink)dish soap at WFoods. As I live in midwest US, it is not too hard to eat locally in the summer with fresh produce, etc. But, it is very difficult to find any farmers with fresh eggs, chickens, or a grain company without driving about 2+ hours. Seems like I’m leaving a carbon imprint that way and wasteful with petroleum. It can be very stressful to be local and sustainable. But, I’m learning a whole lot here, and that’s what counts. πŸ™‚

  • Hey, I am a Californian LOL

    Actually, I just read an article about them last night. I have been going through an eco-friendly cleaning stage lately: trying new products that claim eco-friendly labels and titles to learn that certain labels only pertain to food items and not to other products…I am learning loads! So thanks for the heads ups! This is a 2nd recommendation for this brand on effectiveness and one thorough write up on its reputation of enviro responsibility!

    I am currently using Seventh Generation and liking it πŸ™‚

  • Oh my, I didn’t know Ecover was that famous! (I live in Belgium).
    I also like to use the liquid dish detergent, and here you can have a refill for your bottle.

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