Cigar box ideas.

I got a great collection of (mostly) wooden cigar boxes off of Freecycle the other day, and I thought I’d pick your brains for some brilliant ideas of what I can do with them.
Bee promptly turned one into a bejewelled keepsake box as a gift for one of her friends. My main reason for rescuing them was to use them for storing bits and pieces in the kids’ craft cupboard, but I’ll probably use a few as gift boxes this Christmas. So, you crafty people, what would you do with these lovely little boxes?

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  • Hi,

    Those boxes are beautiful. They look like great things for making dioramas in, or Cornell boxes, or buildings… Have fun!

  • In a “boutique-y” type store, I’ve seen very expensive purses made from cigar boxes. Hinged, covered with lacquer of some type, and handles and latch added.

  • Monica – Thanks for the vote of confidence! πŸ™‚

    Catriona – Are Cornell boxes like shadow boxes? That’s something I hadn’t thought of.

    Lu – I actually found the directions for making one online! The top one in the first photo would probably work well for that, and my daughter would get a real kick out of it. Thanks!

  • We make the extras from my husband into “treasure box’s” for the kids. Panda has filled hers so a new box for the a new year will be prepared. We felt the inside and make pockets on the inside lid for pictures of objects too fragile or too big to fit in the box and postcards. The inside is for rocks, small animal bones/skulls, feathers, bird eggs that have been found in the yard, plus so much more of natures treasures. When it is filled for the year, we put it up for her to explore later. hmm. Maybe I should put this on my blog subject to do’s…

  • Tammie – That’s a nice idea. I’ve seen it suggested for holiday momentoes, but it would be an easy way for the kids to document their year instead of actual scrapbooking.

  • Hey there- Like you, I have a lot of these. They are great for storing smallish tools in, in a work room.

    Purses, seeds (safe from nibblin’ varmints!) Used as a collage, CIGAR BOX GUITARS, and are also used in many other ways. I actually have a lot of smallish fossils I get from going out on dig sites, and keep them in the right-sized cigar box. The wood is stronger than the cardboard ones, so the fossils dont break thru.

  • great blog. i also have a large collection of these cigar boxes. i also use these for many purposes like i have changed many into jewelry boxes. but don't know what to do such a large collection of boxes because whenever i buy cigars i got one box with it.

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