Roasted squash with all the fixins’

I harvested these lovely Delicata squashes from the garden today in order to make a yummy sounding dish that my good friend Catriona came up with recently.

To prepare the squash, I halved and seeded them, and then brushed them with a little olive oil. After a sprinkling of salt and pepper, I roasted them (cut side down) in my countertop convection oven until they were soft when poked with a knife (I use the convection regularly when I’m cooking something small rather than heating up the big oven). While they were baking, I caramelized some onions slowly in a cast iron frying pan with a bit more olive oil and salt. I used two whole onions tonight but that wasn’t nearly enough for the four of us, so I’ll do at least one per person next time.When everything was ready, I placed a generous amount of goat cheese on top of the squash (I buy a delicious one that’s been rolled in fine herbs), piled on the caramelized onions, and topped everything off with a dollop of homemade pesto.
To round out the meal, we paired it with a nice loaf of green olive bread – it was so incredibly delicious that we were wishing we’d used larger squashes. Thanks for sharing your great idea, Catriona! To see some other delicious and healthy dishes, check out Sweetnicks’ ARF/5-A-Day roundup on Tuesday nights.

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