Candle Making?

I’m going to order some beeswax to make candles, and I’m wondering if there are any candle making experts out there. I can’t decide between dipped tapers or pillars with multiple wicks. Is one more efficient than the other (as far as burning slower and giving more hours of light)? It would be fun for the kids to try dipping, but using molds would probably be simpler. Thoughts?

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  • I’m not an expert. {haven’t tackled this one yet} I just remembering being a kid, and making candles. We had a baby pool, full of sand. We were given those beach sand molders {mine was a castle} we would press them into the sand and create the mold, then poured our wax into it. It was a blast.

    ok, I think I am done walking down memory lane.

  • My husband says he did that as a kid too! We’ll have to try it. I’ve heard of pouring the wax into holes in snow, too (it makes really wonky candles). We don’t often get snow here, though, so we might have to wait awhile for that one.

  • If you are careful, I feel dipped candles are more efficient. You take your wick, double it and add more length than you want – that way you make two candles at one time. Hang them on a rack with newspapers on the floor to catch the wax. Dip and dip and dip. Straighten and straighten and straighten. Once they start getting thick, they get thick quickly. If you watch my blog in September, I will try to take a good picture of a candle-dipping ‘machine’ that a friend has. She makes them to sell at demonstrations/events. I love her candles. Beeswax (she has to buy as her bees can’t keep up), only, and are they good. She measures them to fit in the candle holders.

    The pillars are easier, but I have never been able to center the wick or get the wick the right dimension to have a pillar be efficient.

    I can send you some pictures of some cool holders so you can use your candles outside.

    Blessings — I love your blog!

  • Hi Connie,
    I think I will definitely have to try dipping, just because it looks like fun. I actually just bought some pillar molds, but now you’ve got me worried about the wicks!
    I’ll keep an eye on your blog in September, I’m curious about this “dipping machine”.
    Thanks for your help!

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