Sleepover Fun and the Roof

My daughter (Bee) had her best friend over for a sleepover last night. It’s so neat to see them growing up together (they’ve been joined at the hip since they were a year old), but it’s hard to believe it’s been 9 years already! Her mom is one of my closest friends, and we conveniently both had sons a few months apart when the girls were about 3, and now they’re best buddies too! Despite initially thinking that I was a complete flake for even considering homeschooling, they started homeschooling the year after we did and have become a big part of our lives.
What’s really great is that the girls willingly spend time with us, and actually include B’s little brother in their fun, even while having a “girl night”. We made pizzas and homemade (organic) strawberry ice cream (yum!), and later watched the Felicity American Girl movie (they’re obsessed with American Girl dolls).
They lay awake giggling until after midnight, so they’re all a bit fried this morning, but they quickly gobbled down some German Apple Pancakes for breakfast and have happily resumed playing.

So, my delight over the rain yesterday was quickly dashed when the roof over our back porch/laundry room started leaking. : (
My husband had just asked me the day before whether he should be re-roofing it while he’s on holiday next week, so I guess that answers that. We knew when we bought the house a year and 1/2 ago that we were going to have to do some work on the roof, and he already fixed the flat roof over the kids’ room this past winter (during our record breaking 2 months of non-stop rain – who builds a flat roof in a temperate rainforest?!), so while it doesn’t come as a real surprise, it’s still money we’d rather not spend right now.

I joined the Homesteadin’ Unschoolers blog ring yesterday and look forward to getting to know some of the people over there. I was pleasantly surprised to find another “Free Range” family among the bloggers – I guess it’s an obvious description for unschoolers interested in organic farming practices!
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