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Low-lying B.C. city prepares for higher water levels
Last Updated: Monday, July 10, 2006 11:25 AM PT
CBC NewsPlans are being made for a new $16-million dike to help protect low-lying Richmond against possible flooding caused by earthquakes and global warming.

Much of Richmond in the Fraser River delta is on large islands, with most properties just a metre above sea level.

A dike is now in place to protect the community, but city planner Terry Crowe says a sea surge triggered by an earthquake could cause a major problem.

Crowe says planners are also considering the impact of global warming on water levels. “Simply put, if the ice melts, the sea level would rise, and there’s quite a bit of science behind that.”

The planners’ report recommends a second mid-island dike along the Highway 99 and Knight Street corridor for added protection.

The new 25-year flood strategy also recommends further restrictions on new developments to make sure the living space in a home is high enough above sea level to protect residents in case of a major sea surge.

“All in all, we wanted to take advantage of the latest studies going on and update our measurements, and what we can do to improve the quality of life and safety for the people of Richmond,” said Crowe.

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