A Fowl Odour

Over the past month or so, we’ve noticed a funny smell (that’s putting it nicely) coming from the crawl space adjacent to our basement stairs. My husband has torn it apart numerous times trying to figure out where it was coming from, but was never able to find the source. Yesterday we finally solved the mystery.
I was out doing some yard work when I noticed Hedwig, one of our Ameracaunas, squeeze herself under the front porch and not come out. A quick peek revealed her sitting happily on a secret nest.

Hubby chased her out and retrieved the eggs using a rake. Pee ewww!

There were almost 2 dozen rotten nasties under there. I guess the foul air was being sucked through the small spaces around the foundation and into the house. 
Not sure how I’m going to break her of this egg-hiding habit, I’ve already chased her out of several other locations. The eggs aren’t all hers though, so I’ve obviously got a couple of rogue layers.

Ahhh, a smell only a dog could love…

4 thoughts on “A Fowl Odour”

  • oh, poor love, she was hoping she was doing a good thing and hatching out chicks!

    i think some hens only have half of the brooding sense, with a couple of ours they don't seem to understsand that part time brooding isn't going to create anything but smelly rotten eggs.

    could you gather up a few eggs for her to sit on in a nest box? we have a few boxes, so one can be brooded and leave the others free…maybe this would deter her from hiding them?

    chickens are never dull…

  • She doesn't seem to have any interest in brooding (she always lays, then runs), maybe she just wants privacy. And I've got three stubbornly broody hens right now, so I'm a little short on nest space! πŸ™‚

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