Graham Crackers

I’ve been on the lookout for some good cracker recipes for years. My kids love snacking on crackers of all kinds, but the cost of supplying two good eaters with organic, unrefined munchies isn’t cheap, so I’ve been keen to make them myself. I got lucky several weeks ago when I scored a copy of The Fannie Farmer Baking Book at a second hand store, and lo and behold, it has several recipes for crackers. The most exciting discovery (for me anyway) was the recipe for homemade graham crackers.
That typical graham cracker flavor comes from a combination of graham flour and honey. I don’t usually have graham flour on hand, but I found some at a nearby bulk food store without too much trouble. It’s similar in appearance to regular whole wheat flour, but with larger pieces of bran.

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I followed the recipe exactly (see above photo), but found it unnecessary to flip the crackers halfway through baking. I did the first time, but didn’t like the way they browned on top. The texture didn’t seem to suffer for baking on only one side.
The one thing I did learn was that it’s very important to roll them to the right thickness. I had a few in the middle that were just a bit too thick, and they came out of the oven lacking that cracker crispness.

I’m happy to report that they taste just like graham crackers (who’d a thunk?!)! Most of them were gobbled up within the first day, but we’ve got a few left almost a week later and they still taste good. The true test will be whether I can use them for pie crusts (or s’mores!).

I can’t wait to try the cinnamon version, and I can only hope her savory cracker recipes are as good.

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  • How interesting! I just picked up a FF cookbook and will have to go back to the used book store and see if they have the bake book. The one I have has white and oat crackers, but that’s all. Now I’m craving a graham cracker…

  • I’ve had this book for years, Cheryl, and had not attempted the grahams. Guess what? I’m buying graham flour this week!

  • I have desired to make the ones in mary jane butter’s book but never eyed the graham flour in our local stores. Once I found it (and bought a box of it last year which sat untill recently)I kept putting it off due to 2 ingredients. Her recipe called for the coconut milk and extract.I do not keep those readily on hand. i did it with reg. milk and vanilla extract with great success. But as your comment metioned, trying it with the coconut ingredients does sound interestingly good. I bought them yesterday, so we will see this week how it tastes.
    Your crackers look more like the real deal and mine more like cookies.. experiment time.

  • That cook book in absolutely the best. The bread recipes are great, and the popovers are a family fav. What a fun thing to try. We have made “ginger bread” houses out of graham crackers in the past. Now, we’ll try to make them first. Thanks!

  • Hi there, you are probably busy with building, but I did a little post on our house today for Fun Monday, and thought you might like to take a peak as we have some recycled stuff and homemade stuff in it. I hope all is going well for you.

  • Very neat!

    Stuck at home due to finances and high gas prices, this will be a great activity for my son and I! And one that may solve the, “There is nothing to eat!” complaint I hear no matter if I just went grocery shopping LOL

  • Hi. I have been following links and came across your blog. I was delighted to find this recipe as I love grahan crackers. I was even happier to realize that it came from a cookbook that I already have (my grandmother’s copy, all the more special to me.)

  • Just found this post and am so happy I did! I have been looking for a good homemade graham cracker recipe for my DS, he LOVES them, but I hate letting him eat the store bought ones with partially hydrogenated soybean oil, etc…and like you said the organic ones are way to expensive. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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