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From the Spread the Net website:

The goal: to cover Africa in blue bednets and stop death by malaria.

It raises funds so that Unicef can procure and distribute bednets at no costs to the families receiving them.

Every $10 collected will purchase a bednet for a child in Africa.

It’s about all of us saving all those children in Africa.

It’s a simple, effective, inexpensive way to make a BIG difference.

It’s about life and death.

1 net. 10 bucks. Save lives.

1 net at a time!

10 bucks can buy you a couple of cappuccinos or a bednet to protect an african child for up to 5 years.

It’s war on malaria.

It’s something you can do right now.

It’s everywhere.

This sounds like a great idea, and I’m planning to buy several nets in family members’ names as Christmas gifts this year.

Learn more about malaria and the campaign at the Unicef website, or click on the Spread the Net icon at the top of this post.

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