Here Comes the Sun

Today we woke up to a crisp, foggy morning. This was the view from our living room window:

The sun slowly started to make an appearance…

…and then suddenly the neighborhood was bathed in light. The dew made everything shimmer.

I don’t think I’ve shown the front yard a lot so far (if at all). We just put the gate in last spring (it was a gift from my grandfather – my dad has the same one). I’m going to move my Arctic Beauty Kiwi vines onto the arbor. They have beautiful variagated (green, white and pink) leaves, and produce small, hairless (and delicious) kiwis.
The diminutive hedge in the front is Grappenhall Lavender, which will grow to between 2 and 3 feet high and wide. On the right hand side, we put in California Lilac. They should both fill in within the next year or two.

They’re a little difficult to make out, but the arbor and gate are covered in misty spiderwebs that blow in and out on the breeze (they were totally invisible before the fog settled on them). It’s appropriately spooky for Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun”

  • The arbor and gate are beautiful. I can just picture it when the lavender gets a little higher, it will be true French country. Lovely. Looks like you’ve made a lot of changes since my last visit. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Thanks, Carla! We haven’t changed too much in the front yet (nothing like the back), but it’s coming. Come check it out anytime! πŸ™‚

  • I’m hoping to be down there the end of November or beginning of December. I’ll let you know. Would love to have tea and check out the garden…even if Dec isn’t the best time for checking out gardens.

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