Celebrity Chef in the Garden?

I should have known when my husband was excited to hear that I had Nigella in the garden that we weren’t talking about the same thing. I was of course referring to the stunning blue flower that I found blooming this afternoon. He still hasn’t quite gotten over his disappointment…

The really exciting thing is that they produce these funky seed pods that will look great on my mantle this winter, (along with the poppy pods), and the seeds inside are yummy to boot.

The Velvet Queen sunflowers are looking great as well. The chickadees (and my garden mouse) will be happy when they’re ready.

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Chef in the Garden?”

  • Wow! Your garden is looking awesome. And I must say that I love all your food pictures. They sure are inpiring. Finally…I’ve set up my blog, but not much on there as of yet. I know, it’s taking me awhile to get organized.

  • Okay, here’s my second try. This seems to be more complicated than I had anticipated. Pictures are awesome. So great to see that your garden has progressed so much. And I love your food pictures, very inspiring.

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