With February drawing to a close, I’d been feeling pretty good about not having dropped into too much of a funk during this the dreariest of months. But it occurred to me today that I actually am a little less “myself” than usual, and it’s only really obvious in the kitchen. I’ve fallen into aRead more


The stevia that I hung to dry a while ago has finally finished drying, so it was time to grind it for storage and use. It’s a very sweet tasting herb that can be used in place of sugar (click either of the links to learn more). My molcajete (a traditional Mexican mortar and pestleRead more

What the…?

Can someone please tell me how this little fellow found his way to my nice clean towel that was hanging on the clothesline? It was hanging a good 10 – 15 feet above the ground! I can only assume that he spied the towel from the ground, decided that it looked like a good placeRead more

Calendula Salve

I made a batch of calendula salve recently with some of the flowers from my garden. It’s a wonderful thing to have around the house – helps to heal cuts, sun and windburn, eczema, fungal infections, and many other types of owies. The flowers look so pretty that I hate to do it… …but inRead more

Things I Love – A Good Night’s Sleep

So can anyone guess what this stuff is? Is it my latest granola recipe? An experimental garden mulch? A failed attempt at flower drying?They’re actually my favorite thing to sleep on – buckwheat hulls! What you’re looking at is what’s inside the pillow that I sleep on every night.I bought a pair of these pillowsRead more


I couldn’t have a blog about food and sustainability without mentioning hemp, that much maligned and misunderstood plant (which has none of the narcotic effect of the marijuana plant). In fact, I had a nice helping of shelled hemp seeds with my yogurt and honey this morning. They’ve got a rich, buttery texture similar toRead more