Cottage Cheese Apple Pancakes

Is it just me, or do the pages in your cookbooks with the recipes you use the most always end up looking like this? If you’ve been reading for awhile, you’ll know that I have a thing for Mollie Katzen’s recipes, and this copy of The Moosewood Cookbook was the first cookbook I ever bought.Read more

German Apple Pancake

I came home from the farmer’s market yesterday with 20 pounds of Gala apples (insert Homer Simpson “Woo Hoo!” here). My dilemma is, I can’t decide whether I should make them into sauce, or try to store them for eating later on (we go through a lot of apples in this house).     WhileRead more

Crunchy Granola

An accurate description of me? There are some who would say so. Homemade granola has to be one of my all time favorite breakfast foods. I’ve tried different flavour combinations, but I think the simplest ones tend to be the most satisfying. It isn’t exactly a low-calorie breakfast cereal, but a little bit fills youRead more