A Year With Dany, the Accidental Farm Cat

During the first week of January last year, our sweet old cat, Shadow, passed away. With both of our cats now gone, the house felt strangely empty – I’ve had at least one feline companion throughout most of my life, so this was new for us.

At about the same time, my friend and co-worker was bringing home a kitten that she’d arranged as a surprise for her daughter. This cat was a Balinese, a breed known for being less allergenic, as her daughter had had issues with cats in the past. They’d only had kitty for a few days, however, when it became clear that she wasn’t as hypoallergenic as they’d hoped. Timing was such that they’d also had to go away twice during the first few weeks the kitten was with them.

That’s where we come in.

My daughter, desperate for some kitten love, house sat while they were away. She showered that cat with so much affection that they bonded, and bonded hard; so much so that kitty apparently cried for her when my friend returned home from her trip. 

Sadly, it soon became obvious that the allergies were too bad and the kitten could no longer stay with them; that’s when my friend saw the perfect solution – our newly cat-free home. 

We were hesitant, as our thirteen year old dog has become a bit of a curmudgeon in her old age, and has no interest in being leaped upon as part of an indoor parkour circuit. But I’m a softie to the core, and I knew the bond that wee girl shared with my daughter, so there’s no way I was going to get in the way of that. Besides, just look at that face!!

My friend hadn’t really settled on a name for kitty before she came to us, so my daughter suggested calling her Dany, after one of our favourite Game of Thrones characters, due to their similar hair and eye colour. 

Dany also shares her namesake’s ability to be kind and loving one minute, and a terrifying warrior the next.

Her days are split between sleeping in odd places…

…and taking down anything (or anyone) that crosses her path. 

Because of this violent streak, she is currently only allowed outside while leashed, and under human supervision, as she has made it her life’s mission to take out the chickens, as well as any passing dogs (we live alongside a park trail). The training slowly seems to be working, so we’re hopeful she’ll have gained some street smarts, and grow tired of chasing the livestock, by the time spring rolls around. In the meantime, she gets her kicks stalking me from room to room.

Maybe she needs a cat sibling to keep her occupied…

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