The Birds and the Bees (well, ladybugs actually)…

The resident Juncos are wondering why the heck their fountain isn’t working anymore. While we were away last week, the pump for our frog fountain (sitting on the rock with a bird on his head – you’ll probably have to enlarge the photo) went on the fritz. Looks like we’ll have to fix it right away – the birds can still drink out of the pond, but it’s much more convenient when the frog is doing his job! I just love how they all sit on the garden fence waiting their turn.

How do you turn this thing on?

There was a lot of activity at the feeder this morning, too. What you can’t see are the two dozen or so other birds hiding within the branches of the laurel – they scatter en masse when I try to take a picture. (The blue net bag is full of Princess’ fur which I left out thinking they might like to use it to line their nests – after reading Farmgirl’s post yesterday, I think that might actually happen).
We learned some more about ladybug reproduction today! I found a cluster of eggs on a cosmos plant while I was out watering…
as well as a younger larvae than the one I posted yesterday. They apparently molt a few times before pupating and becoming beetles, which explains why this one looks so much different than the one I saw yesterday. My husband thinks they’re the creepiest things he’s ever seen (he doesn’t get out much). Just look at him chowing down on all those fat, juicy aphids.
I also discovered a young Blue Hubbard squash while out doing the rounds!
It’s the little things in life.

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