Home again, home again.

We’re home after a great week of playing on the beach and visiting with friends and family. Just thought I’d post a few photos while I was downloading them. Here’s a parting shot of Vancouver as we left last week. This is a shot from my in-laws’ looking towards a smoky sunset (the smoke isRead more

The Plastic Sea

I’ve managed to get myself to a computer while on vacation (my in-laws are pretty decked out in the technology department).I saw this article in The Tyee and was sickened by it, especially while having such a great time on the ocean (their house in right on the water). The worst we’ve found on theRead more

Zabaione Con Crema

I realize I’m going kind of crazy with the posts today, but we’re leaving on vacation tomorrow and I may not be able to post for a week or so. I made my favorite blueberry dessert tonight and thought I’d share the recipe. It’s called (I’m sure the title was a dead giveaway) Zabaione ConRead more

Bored yet?

I’ve been a bit of a shutter-bug today, but I’ll only bore you with a few more garden shots. Here’s a picture of the biggest bee I’ve ever seen in my life: The picture doesn’t do him justice, but he had to be an inch and 1/2 long. He spent a good 15 minutes lumberingRead more

Garden Variety

These two rogue poppies have just started blooming in the garden. I think they must either be the original varieties that were combined to make the Bombast Rose Poppies that I planted, or that some different seeds got mixed in with the package. They’re both pretty, though. I’m loving the variegated leaves of these AlaskaRead more

Hot Dog

How’s this for a pampered pooch? I caught her having a snooze at grandma’s house this afternoon (she was worn out from the heat and a long swim at the beach).The sneaky thing knows she’s not supposed to be laying on the pillows, but who could disturb such a peaceful nap?

Slime Mould

Thanks to Phelan, the mystery of yesterday’s garden discovery has been solved. It’s slime mould, which is now officially one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard of. Listen to this: “It has been observed that they can find their way through mazes by spreading out and choosing the shortest path, an interesting example ofRead more

What a fun-gi!

Does anyone have any idea at all what this might be?! It sprouted up in the garden tonight, and I mean that literally. When I first discovered it, it was about 1/4 of an inch away from the top of the wooden stick, and by the time I came back with the camera, it hadRead more

Ladybug Love

I spotted these two getting to know each other in the Three Sisters plot today. Yay! My garden could use some more aphid eaters. The Chandler blueberries are getting close!