Urban Wildlife

Today’s installment is the long overdue post about the two as yet unmentioned members of our family – the cats. Baxter (below) is our sweet old boy. We adopted him from the SPCA when he was about 4 (he’s 10 now). There was a kitten there the day we found him, which my daughter wasRead more

Home again, home again.

We’re home after a great week of playing on the beach and visiting with friends and family. Just thought I’d post a few photos while I was downloading them. Here’s a parting shot of Vancouver as we left last week. This is a shot from my in-laws’ looking towards a smoky sunset (the smoke isRead more

Hot Dog

How’s this for a pampered pooch? I caught her having a snooze at grandma’s house this afternoon (she was worn out from the heat and a long swim at the beach).The sneaky thing knows she’s not supposed to be laying on the pillows, but who could disturb such a peaceful nap?