Our major renovations are coming to an end, so I thought I’d share some of the before and after photos with you. Just for fun, I thought I’d show you the “real” before shots from when we bought the house. We did a lot to it before we moved in (removing carpets and wallpaper, painting,Read more

That 70’s Vibe

We found this wallpaper hiding behind the medicine cabinet in our bathroom. And this flooring was underneath the top layer of vinyl and particle board that we removed in the kitchen. I actually kind of like both of them (maybe they remind me of my childhood), but I’m not sure I could have lived withRead more

What we did today.

House preparations continue, and in an attempt to get as much out of this place as we possibly can, we’ve decided to do some of the major projects that we’d been putting off, like tearing out the kids’ grungy old carpet and replacing it with laminate flooring. It looks so bright and clean now thatRead more

One last look.

Today the last of the kitchen cabinets made the move from their original home to our garage in preparation for the upcoming kitchen renovation. We’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all that needs to be done (especially since we’ll be doing it all ourselves), but we’re also pretty excited. So before the fun begins, IRead more

Wood Stove Love

The wood stove is finally in! It was a lot more work than we anticipated, though we shouldn’t really be surprised by that anymore.The biggest part of the installation was removing a row of bricks from the surround so it would fit inside our existing fireplace (I was cleaning up brick dust for a week!).Read more

All sewn up.

We had a nice, relatively quiet weekend (our weekend is Sunday/Monday), puttering and getting a few things done around the house. I pruned the fruit trees that needed pruning (we put in one each of apple, apricot, pear, cherry, peach, plum and fig trees last year), made a batch of Honey Whole Wheat bread, pickedRead more

Patience pays off!

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you’ll know that we’ve been looking for a set of used kitchen cabinets to use in our kitchen renovation for quite some time. Twice we thought we’d found some, but both times they ended up being sold to someone else. You’d be suprised how many people out there areRead more

A Retraction

I’ve been feeling like a total ingrate all day for my little rant about the house last night, because I’m ecstatic that we were actually able to buy anything here, let alone something that’s cute (in spite of it’s aforementioned flaws) and in a nice neighborhood. Had we waited another 3 months to get intoRead more

Demolition Sales

I went to my first demolition sale yesterday. Our family gave us Christmas money to use for our ongoing renovation projects, so we were on the hunt for some deals.We originally went because they were selling an entire basement suite (kitchen cabinets, newish fridge and stove, bathroom vanity and fixtures, etc.) for $675. We wereRead more