Stella & Ruby

I had grand plans for a post about the foodie tour I did in Vancouver last week (so good!), but in the next 36 hours, I have to clean and cook for a dinner party with exchange students from Quebec, cook and decorate for my son’s 13th birthday party (as of tomorrow, both of my babies will be teenagers – ack!!),  and dance the night away at the kids’ “school” dance tonight, so that other post will just have to wait. Instead, I’ll leave you for the weekend with this photo of my beauties, Stella (left; Jersey Giant) and Ruby (right; Buff Orpington).

These guys are from our first batch of chicks, and as a result, they still haven’t gotten used to the idea that they no longer live in the house, and spend most of their time hanging around on the deck hoping I’ll accidentally leave the door open a crack so they can dart inside and eat crumbs off the kitchen floor (even the chickens are aware of my adeptness at cleaning – *ahem*).

It’s hard to tell from this perspective, but Stella lives up to her breed’s giant reputation, and rivals the rooster with her beefiness. She’s a mass of the softest beetle-black feathers, and is a total sweetheart, clucking away at my feet until I either pick her up or stop to give her belly rubs.

Ruby’s pretty and she knows it, and rules the flock from her position high atop the pecking order.

Okay, got to run. Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Stella & Ruby”

  • they are such pretty girls… your jersey giant looks alot like our late luna who was an australorp and passed this spring from egg yolk peritonitis. i miss her wnadering the garden with me, waiting eagerly for me to turn my spade, clucking little songs.

    i love the curious inquisitive breeds, your jersey giants sound alot like australorps in personality. happy weekending!

  • I'm sorry to hear about your Luna, I think we're about to lose one of our New Hampshires to the same thing. Stella is quite similar to the aussies (I have two of them as well), but is much larger, and even prettier, I think. Her sweet disposition is likely her own personality and not necessarily to do with good breeding, but I'll probably get another Jersey girl one day, just to be sure. πŸ™‚

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