The Running of the Birds

I hope everyone is having a nice December, and that you’re enjoying your holiday preparations, whatever form they take.
I was heading out to the garden the other day to harvest some leeks, and took this video of the chickens along the way. Apparently they see me as the giver of all things good, because every time I venture outside (or even open the door), I’m immediately besieged by birds. They’re so determined to be first in line, that I literally have to run to stay in front of them and to avoid stepping on little toes; I can only imagine what my neighbors must think when they see us all sprinting across the yard, en masse.

Our property is on a flight path, and I think the airplane/helicopter noise adds a little something to the video. We don’t often get a plane and a helicopter going by at the same time, and they don’t usually fly that low, so the girls were a bit startled and abandoned their chase by the end.

Next stop, Pamplona.

Happy weekend!

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