The Laundry Line

We finally managed to get the clothes line up and ready before the warm weather hit (not that I have anything against hanging laundry outย when the weather is bad), and it’s been seeing a lot of use, sometimes up to three loads a day when it’s hot.

We dithered for a long time about what kind of line we were going to build. The original plan was to have it run off of one of the decks, but with the house being built into the hillside, that idea proved difficult as it inevitably would have been positioned in such a way that my tall husband would have literally been clotheslined every time he walked past it.

Then, I was flipping through one of my mom’s gardening magazines this spring and came across the perfect solution: a free standing laundry line with a trellis on either end for growing vining flowers (you can find the plans here). This is another one of those times when delaying the start of a projectย left time for the perfect solution to present itself.

We don’t have the trellises built on the ends yet (all of those bits and pieces really add up), but the clematises that we planted on either end aren’t big enough to need support yet anyway.

Finished or not, it’s still a huge improvement over last summer’s drying rack.

10 thoughts on “The Laundry Line”

  • I love hanging the washing out and do so even in the depths of winter, a good dry cold but blowy day is great for almost drying clothes. Like a lot of Brits, I don't own a drying machine! plus, the clothes smell wonderful!

  • Love it. And I love how organized your line is. Nothing like a well-hung clothesline, I say. But I'm a little strange that way.

  • Brilliant…I need a new one and this just might be perfect, thanks!

    Just a reminder that we are getting near the end of the kinderGARDENS series and I'm urging everyone to link up as often as possible with their best posts. Soon the judges will be looking them over!

    Have a happy Thursday! Kim

  • What a great idea. I long to build one I had when living at an old heritage town where there was a swing on either end between the two lines. It was especially nice when my daughter was young to keep her occupied while I worked but I also enjoyed swinging between blowing laundry.

  • Frugal – Nothing smells better! I'm a fan of winter drying too (although my husband thinks I'm nuts).

    Bev – I guess I'm a little strange that way too. Thanks for noticing! ;D

    Kim – I love this line, and it wasn't too difficult to build.
    Thanks again for organizing the kinderGardens series, it's been fun!

    Annie – That's such a neat idea, I wish I'd heard of it sooner. I hope you get the chance to build one!

    Our Pace – Thanks again!

  • I can't wait until it's warm enough and stops raining long enough where I live to hang my washing out side again. At the moment our dining room is a maze of clothes airing racks. And clothes smell so good when you dry them outside!

  • At our old house I had a trellis on one end of the clothes line with honeysuckle growing on it. The other end was up near the deck and we had grapes groing there. Sometimes my like was take over. I hope to be able to do something like this at our new hose.

  • OMG! I am not alone!! Do you know there are places where they won't even let you have a line outside. Who would want to live there! Not I !!!

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