3 Years, 300 Posts

I noticed while going through my list of posts the other day that it was coming up to three years since I started writing this blog. I was also getting close to having written 300 posts. Without too much effort on my part (unless you count my squeezing out yesterday’s brief comment on the state of my laundry), the two seem to have coincided on the same day, which is more than just a little weird. Surely that must mean something, but I’m not exactly sure what.

I don’t know what else I can say that I didn’t already say in my misty-eyed one year anniversary post, except that someone once told me to write down what it was that I wished for, and that “putting it out there” would help make those dreams a reality – this blog is proof that it works.

One of my favorite photos of our old garden.

For those of you who haven’t been around for the whole three years (heck, who has – I know I certainly haven’t been!), I thought I’d share a few of my favorite and most popular posts.
The post on Mason bees gets so much traffic from Google that I can’t believe I almost didn’t write it!

My attempts at making butter using a stand mixer is another favorite. What’s not to love about freshly made butter?
The recipe for homemade granola was so scandalous (okay, not really) that it was labelled as “porn” by the gang over at Slashfood.
We were very excited about how quickly our house sold, and what that sale meant for our ability to buy our dream property.
Click here to see all of the changes that we made to that house.
Getting lots of scrapes and boo boos this summer? Maybe some homemade calendula salve would help.
Finally, I would like to thank my darling hubby for helping to make all of this possible. We’ve learned so much together over the years, and if he doesn’t know how to do something, he’s always willing to give it a go.
It means a lot to me that so many of you take the time to come around and see what I’m rambling about at any given time. I don’t know if I’ve got three more years in me, but I hope you’ll keep checking in whenever you get a chance!

8 thoughts on “3 Years, 300 Posts”

  • I may not comment much, but I sure do check in! I even use you as a resource when wanting to know how to do something or make something πŸ™‚ Sp three more years sounds great!

  • How fun to read! I can't believe I just found you today. I saw your comment over at Homesteading Neophyte and clicked on you. Yay! My lucky day. πŸ˜€ LOL I'm always excited to find another blog to add to my list.


  • Hi Cheryl,

    I've been reading your blog for a while now and I absolutely love it! Your photos, recipes and every day living is not only interesting but fits in with my life style as well. I hope you continue to blog for a long, long time!

  • I'm an off-again, on-again, reader, and I can say that I've always enjoyed your posts.

    I mostly blog about food — but I've been thinking about expanding my repertoire to include more wishful blogging. And more "useful life" blogging. You're a great example of how that's been done — and done well! Thanks for all the inspiration! And happy three years/300 posts!

  • Molly – Great! Hope to see you around. πŸ™‚

    Annie – Thank you! I remember seeing a recipe I wanted to try on your blog, I'm glad you found me again!

    Carla – It can't hurt to try! Narrowing it down might be the bigger challenge. ;D

    Thanks Shawna, it's always nice to hear from you!

    Thinker – Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

    Lisa – Thanks so much. We sound like kindred spirits!

    Lo – People always say to pick a topic to blog about and stick with it, but I think if you blog about life, then anything goes. Good luck finding a new direction!

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