Snowed In

Our last several days have been spent moving between cooking, eating, tobogganing, sleeping, reading, and stoking the fire. We’ve been hit with more snow in the past week than I have seen in a very long time, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Fortunately, my mom and step-dad, who spent Christmas with us, came on the 23rd instead of the 24th, because there’s no way they would have made it here had they waited. We already had over a foot of snow at that point, and we received another foot on both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, which delayed their departure until the 27th. We were all happy for the excuse to extend our holiday fun!

Our driveway is much too steep to bring the car down when there’s snow, but it does make an excellent toboggan run. Princess, who loves the snow, was beside herself with excitement and kept racing everyone down the hill. She occasionally tried to leap over us as we slid by, but more often than not she landed in our laps as we plowed into her mid-jump.

This is our deck after the second major snowfall. Following Saturday’s storm, the snow on the tops of the chairs merged with that on the railing, rendering them totally unrecognizable.

Christmas day dawned clear and cold, so my mom (also a photography nut) and I headed out with our cameras after the morning’s festivities for a trudge through the snow. It was very hard work, as I am not known for my long legs and the snow was deep.

The rain chain (a length of galvanized chain used in place of a traditional downspout) has become a gorgeous and constantly changing sculpture of ice.

We’re expecting another foot or more of snow again tonight, and as long as we can keep the fire going, I say “bring it on”!

Happy winter!

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