And so it begins…

First off, thanks for your nice comments about my little dresser project. I’m sorry that I haven’t been responding to each of you individually as much as I’d like, and I promise to be better about it when things settle down a bit!

Speaking of not having a spare moment, the house is finally to the lock-up stage, so the days of having other people to do all the work for us are over, and my husband is officially (as of this evening) on 6 weeks of “holidays”, during which we’re hoping to get the house to a point that we can actually move in. It likely won’t be anywhere near finished at that point, but it will be easier to plug away at things once we’re living there, so that’s the goal.

This is more or less what the house looks like at the moment (there are a few extra windows and doors now), and I am totally in love! I know it doesn’t look like much yet, but I’m very excited nonetheless. From this side you can see the decks (the closest one is off the dining room, and the small one on the other end is off our bedroom). The pile of gravel on the left is our septic field, which has since been buried.

This is my favorite part of the house so far – the underside of the roof over the front porch, with it’s lovely curved brace. The brace is in the wrong place at the moment (it should have been on the outside edge – don’t get me started!), but I love the way the soffits look with the rafters.The first step in our journey starts tomorrow, when we’ll start papering the exterior walls so things stay dry inside, and after that we’ll move on to the wiring, insulation, and drywall. The scope of the work ahead of us is more than a little overwhelming, but we’re trying to keep cool heads about it.I’ll try to post a few photos occasionally, but until then, I hope everyone has a great spring and I’ll see you sometime in May!

10 thoughts on “And so it begins…”

  • Very nice. I can only imagine how excited you are, and terribly overwhelmed by the work to do. I guess you can just plug away at it day by day and see the rewards of your day’s labour. Good luck with it all these next few weeks. I hope it goes smoothly and you get more done than expected.

  • So gorgeous! I’ve always dreamed of starting my house from the ground up. I love watching your progress, and it’s just beautiful! Thank you for sharing ;).

  • It looks fabulous!!! Good luck, I’m sure you’ll be really busy for the next little bit. I can hardly wait to see pictures of the inside.

  • Beautiful home and lovely place to build it! Great to see a dream become a reality. I think I found you last year sometime when I was looking for a recipe….its been a joy reading about your life thank you for sharing…My grandchildren check ever once in a while when they are over to see how your house is coming along. You are going to be busy….I will check back with you in a few weeks. Elaine in KC

  • To the contrary, it’s beautiful! I haven’t been following from the beginning — did you design it or have it designed?

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