Spring Fever

First off, thank you all so much for your input regarding appliances, it was a huge help! It sounds like the consensus is to go with white, and I think I’ve found the ones that I want (more on that later). I saw an ad for Heartland Appliances recently that said “Stainless steel belongs in your cutlery drawer”, so I’m taking that as a sign. I’ve even found a line of pressure canners that can be used on ceramic cooktops in case we decide to go that route.

The weather has been downright warm here the last several days, and I’m finding myself with a bad case of spring fever. It’s so bad that I’ve actually been walking around with butterflies in my stomach, like something really exciting is going to happen. This happens to me every year, and it probably explains why most of the big things in my life happen in March when I’m totally abuzz. I never realize how much these dark winter days (which I love, don’t get me wrong!) affect me until spring arrives and I turn into a totally different (giddy) creature.

Part of the excitement might have something to do with our house actually looking like a house:

This photo cracks me up. It looks like I managed to catch a tiny cat walking on the fence, but it’s actually the neighbor’s border collie picking up the stick that I’d just thrown for her – perspective is everything!My husband and I have been doing the weekly site cleanup instead of paying one of our contractor’s guys to it, and it also ensures that as much is being reused and recycled as possible. We pulled nails from our plywood concrete forms for one of our soon-to-be neighbors to use, and we’re going to use the left over 2 x 4’s to frame in our basement walls. The plastic that comes wrapped around the pallets of wood has been recycled, as have the leftover bits of rebar and metal strapping. Any wood scraps are being sorted and saved for later building projects (the future garden shed and/or chicken coop) , with anything too small being earmarked for the wood stove. Our contractor said that the other house he’s currently working on has had three skids worth of garbage hauled away already, but so far we haven’t even needed one, and they’re nearly finished! I’m hoping we can avoid getting one altogether.With this warm spell, the ground has started to thaw, and I spent a good portion of our clean-up day planting bulbs. Most of them were wildflowers which I planted on the edge of the wooded areas where they will naturalize over the coming years. My garden fever has been so bad that I’ve already been to my favorite nursery (even though I have nowhere to plant anything yet), and I’ve even started a few seeds (just sweet onions so far).I’m not the only one who’s been enjoying the sunshine. While we were out the other day, we saw three eagles riding the air currents over the park we were picnicking at, and when we got home later that day, we heard this guy calling from a tree behind the house (my daughter took this great photo):

Clouds moved in for a while today, but luckily they went away long enough for us to get a glimpse of the lunar eclipse that occured this evening.

I think there’s more rain in the forecast, but I’ve had a taste of spring now and there’s no going back. The cherry trees will be blooming soon, and then it’ll be game over. I can almost feel the dirt under my nails!



12 thoughts on “Spring Fever”

  • Just sort of tripped over your blog tonight and I wanted to say that I wish you tons of luck in building your home and living the life you’ve longed for.

    As a BC gal and an aspiring homesteader myself your dream has really inspired me.

    Beautiful eclipse from here in the Interior of BC as well. I didn’t manage to snap any photos myself.

    Good luck to you and your family!

  • We still have 4 feet of snow on the ground. It’s been so damned cold everything has frozen over. Sand and salt are scarce for all the towns in this area so independent plower/sander folk can’t sand driveways.

    My driveway is like a luge (I think that’s how you spell it). I went down yesterday and bounced off the snowbanks on either side, even with my foot to the floor on the break and the e-brake pulled all the way up.

    [temper tantrum]I want spring! I want warm sun and air! I want to be able to get into my shed so I can get my seed starting kit!

    It’s totally not fair that you’re having spring days and you live further north than us.

  • Your house is looking great. Heartland appliances are awesome. I have seen the low clearance wood stove at Co-op. I am looking forward to spring too, even though I love winter, as the new season approaches I have a whole new longing for it.

  • Ah Spring. Yes, the last few days have been incredible and I, too, am looking forward to planting…for the VERY FIRST TIME. So I’ll be following your posts with interest. The house is looking great. Can’t wait ’till you move in!! (better make sure the internet is hooked up ASAP so we can read all about it!).

  • Meaganmonster – Thanks for stopping by, and good luck to you too!

    Carolyn – The canners are made by Presto (http://www.gopresto.com/).

    Howling Hill – I’m sorry to hear that you’re still in the grips of winter (although your description of it is quite amusing!). I hope you get a reprieve soon!

    Leigh – Thank you!

    Wendy – Thanks! And yes, the eclipse was pretty amazing!

    Tammy – Thanks, I like the way it looks from between the trees.

    Elaine – I feel that way about it too!!

    Dawn – I think there’s something about the change of seasons that makes each new season seem like the best one.

    Rural Aspirations – That internet thing might be tricky.
    Have fun with your planting!!

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