A lot can happen in two hours.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to bear with me for the next few weeks (months) while I’m unable to think of anything but “house”. I hope to be back to regular gardening and cooking posts before too long.

The main floor of our house went up on Friday, and we happily froze our butts off so we could take in the show!
When we got there, the basement walls were all done, and the subfloor for the next level was in place. The truck carrying our house arrived not long after we did. Look at that excited grin!

The crane started lifting the panels over onto the structure…

…and within about 3 minutes they had two sections up (here you see the very first one, the corner of our master bedroom – what you can’t hear is my husband giggling like a schoolgirl).

There was an entire wall within 20 minutes.

Here, the living room window is being dropped into position…
…as well as the dining room window. I was a little freaked out by how large and looming it looked, because I was wanting it to be nestled into the hill a little more. Our contractor has promised me that once the backfilling is done it will look less obtrusive.

From the back side it doesn’t look too bad, so I’m hopeful.
All of this happened in the space of about two hours. This week, they’re working on the floor joists and subfloor for the next level, and the roof should go on in a couple of days. You gotta love pre-fab!
To get an idea of what the finished house will look like, click here.

8 thoughts on “A lot can happen in two hours.”

  • Wow, that is great, and thanks for the link as I wasn’t blogging in April when you put up your house plan post. Our house is about 1600 sq ft without a basement. With the 4 kids it is not big enough, but we manage. I would like to add on a new kitchen and living room as our space does not allow for more than a few guests at a time. We looked at doing it through prefab as well. We are not going to do it in the near future, but hopefully one day.

  • Wow! πŸ˜€ (see me smiling large!)
    Cool! Neat!
    Oh yeah—glad you put the link to the finished house since I forgot what it was going to look like. As soon as I saw it—I remembered again.
    Don’t worry about no gardening posts–your house will be done in time for you to start gardening there and you will have lots to post about then.

  • Cheryl-

    Your home is coming along beautifully!

    How exciting for you guys.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing it all when you live there with your gardens.

  • Carla – I know, crazy isn’t it?

    Michelle – It was very cool to see!

    Dawn – That 1600 feet is going to feel palatial compared to the 800 square feet we used to have! We’ve always been unable to have overnight guests too, unless they were happy to sleep on the floor and have people stepping over them to get to the bathroom at night. We still don’t have a huge amount of room for guests, but they might not get stepped on so much!

    Steffi – Thanks, I hope you’re right!

    Monica – I hope you’re right about the garden! I might have to duck out while we’re insulating and drywalling to sneak a few plants into the ground.

    Christy – Did it really? I wondered what the time difference would have been between framing on site and pre-fab. At least the guys who did this framing were working in a warm warehouse instead of freezing to death outside in the cold, which really would have added to the time!

    Jim – Thank you, and thanks for stopping by!

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