We have walls!

Just a quick update on our building progress.

Concrete went into the forms last Monday…

…and they started framing the basement walls late last week.

The foundation has been waterproofed and drainage is in.

At this point, the basement walls are fully framed in (this photo was taken last weekend) and the subfloor for the main level is going on. We went to the pre-fab company’s warehouse yesterday and saw actual sections of our house, and they told us that the main floor walls are being lifted into place on Thursday! We’re really hoping that we can be there to watch it happen (our contractor thinks we are a serious couple of geeks).

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of our electrical meter. If only the reading could always be this low!

12 thoughts on “We have walls!

  1. I don’t think you are geeks at all, it is very exciting!

    Totally 100% off topic:

    Can you report on how well those tomato spirals we saw in your mother’s garden worked last summer? I need a better solution than the cages I used last year.

  2. Cheryl, so nice to “See you” again. I’m glad you are getting underway with your home; that’s quite exciting and stressful and busy all at once. All the best to you! Lu

  3. Malva – I love my tomato spirals! I’ve used them for two summers so far with great success, and after using them here last year, my mom’s a convert too! They never seem to fall over from the weight of the plants, and all you have to do is check them occasionally to make sure the plants are wound around the spiral. I would highly recommend them.

    Michelle – Thanks!

    Carla – Isn’t it crazy that something like an electrical meter can cause such excitement?!

    Lu – It is a bit of a roller coaster. Thanks for the good thoughts!

    Dawn – I’ll try to keep the updates coming!

  4. Hi Cheryl!
    wow, that’s so exciting!! progress! we’re likely here until may, when we go to africa and come home with two newbies — let me know when you’ll be out at your property again and we’ll swing by and say hello!

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