Before I start my usual ramblings, I’d like to say thank you for all of the nice comments you guys left on my last post. I loved hearing about each of you, and am surprised by the similarities we all share, whether you live halfway around the world or within my own city. The internet is an amazing thing!

The gathering of materials for the house continues, and our latest find was an entire set of interior doors, including a pair of leaded glass french doors and gorgeous antique headers, all made of solid fir. They were removed from an old house that was being renovated, and are probably almost 100 years old.

The doors are in great shape for the most part, but we will spend the summer fixing them up and refreshing them with a lick of paint so that they’re ready to go once the house is up. The thing that baffles me is that the people who were renovating the house pulled out these gorgeous old doors (each one must weigh close to 100 pounds – they are SOLID) and replaced them with MDF doors in the exact same style! Go figure.

The thing that sold my husband on them were the incredible knobs and backplates that they had. A few are a little bit stiff, but hopefully with some work they’ll be as good as new.Before we bought them we looked at a few building supply stores to compare how much solid wood doors go for and whether we’d be getting a good deal with these. Let’s just say that we got all 14 doors for almost half of what one new solid wood door would cost, not including the hardware. We’ve got a fair amount of work ahead of us to get them ready, but I love that these doors will breathe some character and and a sense of history into our otherwise brand new house.

13 thoughts on “Doors”

  • What a super find. You are an inspiration. It might be the heat, but today something didn’t go just right and I felt like throwing in the towel on the whole project. I am feeling better 4 hours later and came up with an alternative idea, but sometimes it is quite overwhelming. I can’t imagine doing a whole house the way you are. We are fortunate to have ours already built that way.

  • This is SO incredibly cool! You must be one of those blessed souls who are gifted with the “thrift store gene”. This inspires me that maybe having a house built won’t be such a “bank breaker” if we can be thrifty in the ways you are (and scoring major great stuff while you’re at it, lol!).

  • Thanks you guys, I’m really excited about them!

    Dawn, I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad day, I hope everything has worked itself out now.
    The weather has cooled here, so hopefully it will head east toward you!

  • Great deals. I never though I would met another cookbook lover like myself. They are my passion.
    I have enjoyed spending time with you.

  • Midlife Traveller – I think it’s just a combination of luck and constant checking of Craigslist (although I like the idea of a “thrift gene”!).
    I don’t think building has to be so expensive if you’re willing to do as much of the work as possible yourself. It’s kind of fun, too!

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