We need new windows!

We got some window-insulating plastic off of Freecycle a couple of weeks ago, but we ran out of double sided tape before we could do the small side window in our bedroom (all of our windows are single paned and very breezy). Since we keep the bedroom door closed all day, leaving the room completely unheated, we’ve ended up with some amazing ice crystals on the glass.

Who ever came up with the brilliant idea of making window frames out of aluminum?! All they’re good for is drawing the cold right in, making for very icy sills.
At least it looks pretty!

It’s snowing lightly outside as I write this, but it’s 10 degrees warmer than it was last night, and it’s supposed to turn to rain by morning.

I guess winter’s over for now.

4 thoughts on “We need new windows!”

  • Hi Cheryl:
    We spent 3 years replacing our single aluminum with double pane wood with cladding on the outside. Expensive! that’s why it took us three years. But wow! what a difference it makes. Well worth the small fortune we invested in it (we have 17 windows). I would do it again though since it has made such a difference. Of course while we were still replacing we had to do all the plastic and everything too. We even had a slider door we had to keep shut all the way with a set of wood clamps. Silly us—that was also the last one we changed (but the most expensive) Good day—Monica

  • Hey Cheryl

    (Hello and welcome to Tech Talk…) Aluminum or any kind of metal is not a bad choice, really, in terms of window frames. The problem comes when the windows aren’t thermally broken, as with a wood or plastic stop between the two metal surfaces outside and inside. (Think of a hot pot handle and you’ll get the idea…quickly…about how great a conductor metal is. I sense a homeschool project here for your kids.) All newer metal windows have this figured out. But they’re not cheap.

    Clad windows are what I usually specify in the houses I build: the wood interiors can be varnished or painted, and the metal exteriors are easy-care. But they’re definitely “unsexy money,” in terms of house fix-ups. Go for low-E if you do replace them.

  • Phelan – Aren’t they incredible? I love how they look, even if it means we’re freezing. Enjoy your snow!

    Monica – Wow, 17 windows would cost a mint! We’ve only got 6 to replace, so it’s not such a huge investment. It’s good to hear that it’s a worthwhile one.

    El – I’ve looked a the clad windows actually, they seem like a good combination of low maintenance and esthetics. Thanks for the info!

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