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Minding your own
July 13, 2006

Stefanie Mohsennia is a librarian, a self-described “sit down, read and write type.” She liked school and did very well. But as a parent, she began to see that her son’s learning style differed from hers; she became concerned the school would be unable to answer his needs.

Basics, like the structure of the school day, interfered. Mohsennia said her seven-year-old son “would not be interested in math at 8 or 9 a.m. in the morning.”

“Why sacrifice his love of learning?” she asks.

She took a big step and decided to home-school her son. But ironically, to home-school, she had to leave her home.

Mohsennia relocated to Canada from her native Germany, where home education is legally verboten.

Home-schooling is legal everywhere in Canada. Mohsennia’s son joins the 80,000 kids estimated by the Canadian Centre for Home Education who are being home-educated as the movement to teach your own grows steadily.

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