Ruby Kraut

Pretty Jewel-toned Sauerkraut

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I made a batch of gorgeous magenta sauerkraut on the weekend, and just had to share. 

Pretty Jewel-toned Sauerkraut

My mother-in-law got me Jo Robinson’s fantastic book “Eating On the Wild Side” a few years ago, and it has really changed the way we eat and what we grow. The basic tenet of the book is that the fruit and vegetables we favor nowadays (when we actually do eat them) have been bred so much to be big, watery, mild/sweet tasting, and blemish free, that they don’t contain nearly the same levels of antioxidants and healthful compounds as their more brightly coloured versions. I now make a concerted effort to buy and grow the most pigmented varieties of most fruits and veg I can (purple grapes and cabbage, red or spotted lettuce, red or purple fleshed potatoes, etc.). If you get the chance to read her book, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I balk at paying to buy real, live sauerkraut knowing how easy it is to make (the pasteurized stuff tastes fine and is cheap, but doesn’t have the same pro-biotic benefits). If you can make it out of purple cabbage and have something this bright and beautiful, why wouldn’t you? If you haven’t made it before, you can find simple instructions here.

Princess taking care of the scraps.

Our funny old dog loves her brassicas. She kindly cleaned up all of the stray cabbage bits that fell on the floor, and eagerly crunched up the cores (you will often find her stealing spent broccoli and cauliflower stalks from the chickens).

I guess that’s what happens when you live in a house full of vegetarians. 😀


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