June Update

It’s been a long, wet month, but things have actually progressed quite well in the garden, despite the lack of sunshine. The good thing about the cool spring is that the new additions to the orchard have had a chance to get established before the heat of summer sets in (see, I haven’t let the rain totally kill my optimism!). 
One of my biggest successes so far this year has been saving my Gala apple tree. Remember how I decided to screw its broken limb back on, rather than cutting it off? Well, I’m very happy to report that it worked! Here it is now, flush with new growth!

This is a photo of the veggie garden from a week or so ago. The asparagus bed is on the left, then potatoes, garlic (with a few of last year’s leeks in the foreground), and the tomato tunnel on the right. The tomatoes have since been uncovered as they were getting too tall and were pushing against the plastic.

Under the row cover are my peppers and eggplant, which just couldn’t wait to be set out into the garden. I see I’ve got a few mini-peppers out there, so they seem to be dealing with the lower temperatures just fine. The three sisters bed in the foreground is looking slug chewed and sad. In fact, the little buggers ate both of my cucumber plants right to the ground, so I’ve had to go buy replacements. The squash has bounced back a bit after a couple of days of sun, though, and some are even getting ready to flower.

The lettuce is doing relatively well…

…as are the peas.

We’ve got an abundance of gooseberries (though the chickens love to jump and snatch them off the  bushes, so we’ll see what we end up with).

The apple tree that was given to us by a friend not only survived transplanting, but is fruiting in earnest.

Strawberries and rhubarb – yum, yum!

Here are a few shots from around the rest of the yard:








Ruby’s favourite place to nap – on the deck in one of my refurbished wicker chairs.

Lucky likes to keep me company while I weed (they’re one thing that seem to relish this weather!).

Fingers crossed that the sun will make an appearance this long weekend. Happy Canada Day!

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