Biding Time

We seem to be smack in the middle of a stretch of typical “June-uary” weather, and my poor eggplant and pepper plants can do nothing but stare longingly out the window, wishing for the arrival of the warm weather so they can join their friends out in the garden. Some have even started flowering in anticipation.

I accidentally left my poor seedlings outside overnight last month, but thankfully it didn’t seem to do them any harm, and they’re all growing nice and big, and are eager to produce.

The tomatoes have been outside under the tunnel for a few weeks now, and are looking happy. Despite already having more plants than I really need, I couldn’t resist picking up a few more at the organic market when I was in town last week. But really, what chicken farmer could resist a variety called “Egg Yolk”? I also grabbed one each of Moskovich, Black Zebra, Pink Tie-Dye, Estiva, and Northern Lights. It’s a sickness, I know this.

Come on, sun, we’re ready when you are!

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