Easter Feaster

What are the odds that we’d have two sunny days in a row over the long weekend – it almost never happens, even in the summer. As a result, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time puttering around the yard over the past 48 hours, digging things up, and planting them somewhere else (will I ever be happy with the placement of things?!). 

I did manage to pull together an early Easter dinner though, and thought I’d share the recipes in case you happen to be online looking for last minute ideas (or am I the only person who combs the internet incessantly, looking for new things to try? Pinterest is becoming a bit of a problem).
Baked Kale Chips. I harvested a big bowl of kale from the garden while I was out and about today, and thought these would be a great accompaniment to our pre-dinner drink (I added a sprinkling of sesame seeds before baking). They were a big hit, and were quickly gobbled up.
Main Course:
My mom brought a ham, so I made some creamy scalloped potatoes and roasted whole carrots to go with it. The kids were worried because this isn’t my usual scalloped potato recipe, but the flavour of the gruyere cheese was perfect and everybody loved them. A new favourite!
Instead of dinner rolls, I made a couple of loaves of Armenian Easter Bread  (Choereg). The recipe calls for a spice called mahleb, which is a little tricky to find, but thankfully there’s a good Middle Eastern market in my mom’s neighbourhood that brings it in for the holidays. The mahleb gave the rich, eggy loaves a lovely, subtle perfume, and was worth the effort it took to find it. I will definitely be making this again.




We finished off with a Lemon Trifle topped with fresh raspberries. I used my mom’s much easier and lighter version of lemon curd, and the trifle came together in no time. It was a lovely spring dessert.

So, what are you making this year? Feel like sharing?


One thought on “Easter Feaster

  1. I loved the Choereg, but the kale chips were a terrible idea as they were so good that I only got crumbs by the time I showed up! My mistake for being late!

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