Saltspring Island 2011

We returned from our annual pilgrimage to Saltspring Island last week, and I thought I’d share a few photos.
Misty morning at Ruckle Park.

We shared breakfast with a hungry sea otter:

(Well, he didn’t actually share, but that was just fine with me).

Spent the mornings exploring the tide pools with Grandma:

The tide pools are teeming with life. The kids love tickling the sea anemones and catching hermit crabs:

I think we got the best camp site in the park this year!

Couldn’t resist taking a couple (dozen) photos of the Arbutus trees:

My son relaxing during our walk to the old Ruckle family farm.
The nearby farm has a large flock of free ranging turkeys. I just love the sweet sound they make (and no, it’s not “gobble gobble”!).

I heart this old farmhouse kitchen!

Just as we were about to leave the farm, my daughter noticed that a turkey poult had escaped from the shed where his family was being kept. After about 15 minutes of trying to catch the little guy, we finally reunited him with his frantic mother:

I never get tired of this place.

4 thoughts on “Saltspring Island 2011”

  • Always glad to see you posting!
    Strange question here? I have been searching for a recipe that involves sunflower seeds,pumpkin seeds and other good things that someone blogged about having had at their favorite resturant and then they recreated at home (to use on top of oatmeal, salads etc. I always use your blog to connect to others so thought you might have read it too.
    any memory of seeing that. Elaine in KC

  • sorry to bother you cheryl. I finally refound the sead recipe at tea and cookies. My husband and I although retired hope to get to your beautiful area again sometime. It has been a strange growing season here in KC. even our green beans and tomatoes have let most of us down. The young couple that we buy organic vegs from had deer completely eat down 65 tomato plants. NO KIDDING!! Strong winds picked up our organic chicken farmer's moveable hen house and turned it end over end across a field….the chickens survived!

  • Elaine – I meant to write back to you the other day and got sidetracked. Glad to hear you found the recipe!
    It sounds like there's been a run of bad luck out there (aside from the chickens surviving that is!). Our garden is definitely behind this year, and today it rained like it was November. The trees are even starting to shed their leaves, I'm really not ready for fall!

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