What I Did On My Summer Vacation – 2010

A few quick photos from our holiday while I attempt to get back into writing mode.

We traditionally camp when we’re on Saltspring, but this time my mom and step dad rented a beautiful old heritage home for the week. The kitchen was amazing, with custom built free standing fir cabinets and an AGA. Though I’ve always wanted an AGA (which is always warm and ready for use), it kind of lost its charm when we were hit with a heat wave, at which point everyone gave the kitchen a wide berth.

In addition to deer, raccoons, and rabbits, the property had a family of free ranging quail. We saw three adults and a bunch of babies, but they were almost impossible to catch on camera.

For the most part, our days were spent reading, swimming, and laying about, though we did occasionally leave the house to eat. The favored routine was to head to Saltspring Island Cheese to sample their wares (goat cheese topped with truffles is a favorite, as is the one topped with olive tapenade)…

followed by a trip to the Saltspring Island Bread Company.

The “bread lady” makes such amazing things that it’s almost impossible to choose, which is why we’re obligated to go back daily.

With our bags overflowing, we made our way to Ruckle Park for a picnic on the beach. While passing through the farm on the first day (the 1000 acres surrounding Ruckle farm became a provincial park in 1974), we noticed that they were busy “making hay while the sun shines”.

Not having been here for three years made the reunion with our favorite place even more special.  Our bellies full, we spent the afternoons easing back into the familiar surroundings, reminiscing about summers past,  and catching up with old friends.

4 thoughts on “What I Did On My Summer Vacation – 2010”

  • Wow, that is an amazing kitchen. I didn't know about AGA stoves so went on line to read about them. I would have to agree about the constant heat thing being a problem in summer. It would be nice in winter for those of us who heat with wood. Of course the cost of one of them would be the biggest deterrent for me. Looks like an awesome vacation. After we do our Van to Edmonton bike trip I would like to do one on Vancouver Island touring the shops and small towns and perhaps some of the islands to take in some of the things you did.

  • Dawn – Sounds like an amazing trip you've got planned! And if you're going to tour any island, it should be Salt Spring (especially considering how easy it is to get to from Vancouver Island).

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