Whole Wheat Apricot Scones

When it comes to food (well, it kind of applies to everything in my life actually), I tend to be a creature of habit. When I find a recipe that I like, I will make it over and over again until either the novelty has worn off, or I discover a new favorite.  I don’t just toss the recipe aside at that point, however – it will simply become a standby instead of an obsession.

That’s where I’m at with the Whole Wheat Apricot Scone recipe that I discovered over at Orangette recently.  I’ve made them for breakfast every Saturday since she posted the recipe, and I think we may have even had them two days in row.  That’s in addition to the occasional tea time batch.

The dried apricots are delicious, but I have made them with dried cranberries (I’d used up all of my apricots feeding my addiction), and those were also delicious. The recipe calls for butter, but I always use non-hydrogenated margarine, and I like to dress mine up with a dusting of coarse sugar on top.

Quick, someone distract me, I feel a batch coming on…

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