A Good Egg

Here it is, the thing I have dreamed of for so many years – a fresh, homegrown egg from my own hens!!

The layer of this beauty remains a mystery, but I have my suspicions.  It was just laying there in the middle of the coop floor when I went in to clean their waterer yesterday afternoon (thankfully the shell was really hard, so it hadn’t gotten broken from them walking all over it).  We’ve been trying not to get our hopes up about getting eggs any time soon, as we had just spoken to a friend whose hens took almost 8 months to start laying, so of course we didn’t have a nest box built yet, but my clever hubby managed to get that sorted out last night.

After waiting several hours for my daughter to return home from a friend’s house (torture!), we fried that baby up.  It was the best egg I’ve ever tasted, but, as my husband pointed out, it better be good for the $300 or so dollars it cost us.

Can’t wait to see what they leave for us this morning!

13 thoughts on “A Good Egg”

  • Congratulations!!

    Tell Hubby my husband said the same thing with our $700 coop. Well, four years on, that coop's paid for itself a few times over…

    It takes them a while to realize what they're doing so you might be finding some eggs in strange places for a while, and then there's always the egg-laying war whoop they let out that spooks everyone silly. Ah what fun!

  • Janeywan – No eggs today unfortunately, but the nest box is installed and has a nice layer of straw and some dummy eggs, so hopefully they'll take the hint.

    El – Thanks!! How funny that your husband said the same thing, they're obviously too practical for their own good. πŸ˜€
    I can't wait to hear that "war whoop"!

  • YAY! the first egg is always so exciting and satisfying. Now the trick is to keep those coming with the winter coming.LOL. I am dead set on putting a heat lamp in the coop for the ladies since mine just started laying last month. They were very late on giving those eggs. Besides, I still love the fact while I am baking and need an egg, I just go looking in the coop. They lay 1 each morning, afternon and evening. And the silkie gives one about once a week.. Still have a few holding out or maybe they found a different nest.
    Congrats on the first egg!

  • It's true… they are the best eggs *ever*!!

    Our chickens started laying in August and going to retrieve them from the coop each day is like getting a little bonus in the day… how many will there be? That's the big question. Right now we get about 8 eggs a day and we have 11 chickens. They all lay in the same nest in the corner of the coop and no one ever bothers to use the nesting box. Go figure!

  • BEAUTIFUL! And yes, they taste better than any store bought egg ever has πŸ™‚

    Our chickens have "condos" as my husband has dubbed the boxes in their coop–two rows of 4 box, stack on top of each other. They do tend to all lay in the same box trying to create a "clutch." Every now and then I will have a stray egg by itself in another box. And then at dark (they are notorious for having no night vision) they all gather on top of the boxes to settle in for the night.

    Our chickens however stop laying in winter–just part of the whole natural cycle I guess. And I like that… having a season for eggs, being in sync with nature. It's just inconvenient considering how much baking is done over winter LOL when the eggs are truly needed.

  • Love your blog! I stumbled across it a couple weeks ago. We have 5 hens and they've just started laying. They had been in a chicken tractor and began laying after we moved them to their new winter home. (get's cold in Michigan!) We have a light for them and we've been averaging 2 eggs a day. Hoping they keep it up through the winter. The kids and I just love them. My husband is happy the girls are finally earning their keep. πŸ™‚

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