One Local Summer #8 – Portabello Mushroom Ravioli With Lemon Thyme Cream Sauce

A recent trip to the farmer’s market resulted in a large bag of baby portabello mushrooms following me home, so for this week’s OLS meal the kids and I decided it would be fun to go ahead with last week’s plan of making pasta.
A quick internet search turned up this recipe for Wild Mushroom Ravioli, which sounded so delicious that we knew we had to try it.
This meal ended up being a real family affair. My daughter was eager to help me pick the required herbs from the garden, and she even learned how to mince them properly using the chef’s knife (my little gourmet in training!). My son was fascinated with the pasta machine, so he was a big help rolling out the pasta dough. We’d had friends over until 6:00 that night, so we didn’t get started until almost, 7:00 and it was nearly 9:00 by the time we ate, but we were having so much fun cooking together that nobody seemed to care. Unfortunately that meant that the sun had already gone down so the light was bad for this photograph, but let me assure you that they tasted incredible despite their pallid appearance. The sauce was mildly sweet due to the onions and a splash of wine, which complemented the meaty mushroom filling nicely. Everything in the dish was local except for the brandy and the lemon juice – although I’ve got a lemon that’s almost ready, so it won’t be long before that’s local too!

8 thoughts on “One Local Summer #8 – Portabello Mushroom Ravioli With Lemon Thyme Cream Sauce”

  • Amazing!! I’m making that for tomorrow night. I just picked up a pasta machine at a tag sale last week and it had a ravioli thing that came with it.

    Thanks for the link!

  • Can’t wait to try out that recipe too, thanks!

    I also wanted to ask you how you store your dried goods? We’re going to try to dehydrate some of our apricots this year, along with some tomatoes and apple rings, and we aren’t sure if ziplocks are better, or glass jars – and do you have trouble with a bit of moisture getting to it and molding it?! Thanks so much!

    Really enjoy reading your blog!
    Cheers, Erica

  • Those mushrooms just followed you home, did they? I seem to have that kind of problem too. Meal looks delicious. I’ve been thinking about getting my old pasta machine out. It’s been awhile. Yum!!! Love ravioli.

  • Wow, that looks awesome. I made homemade noodles a couple of times a number of years ago like my baba used to make them because I don’t have a pasta machine. I thought of buying one, thinking I make them more but I still don’t think I would use it enough to have it kicking around our tiny place. I may try the recipe in a different form though.

  • Chelee – Wow, what a great find! I hope you like the recipe!

    Erica – I’ve been storing my dried fruit in jars, and so far so good. If you’re really worried about mold, I suppose you could always put them in a Ziploc in the freezer. Mold shouldn’t develop unless they’re not dehydrated enough though. The fruit should still be leathery, but not moist. I’d watch closely for condensation in the jars and dry the fruit a bit more if you spot any.

    Carla – It’s the time of year for yummy ravioli!

    Wendy – This recipe’s definitely a keeper!

    Dawn – You could probably make a mean mushroom cannelloni with these ingredients.

    Lu – I’d love to hear if you try it!

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